6 Questions That Show Your Truck Life Could Use a Second Look

  1. Do you have everything you dreamed you would have at this age? According to the polls held on social media, nearly have of Americans have truly met their goals they have set for the time period of their current life.
  2. When you die will you leave a legacy? Sorry to be morbid here, but here’s the question. When you die, will you have left something behind that could be considered a “true” legacy? Seriously, when you sit down for lunch today, sit and ponder this question.
  3. Have you set forth beneficiaries of your unique collectibles? You did it. You spent days sweating, hard work and busting your butt. Blood, sweat and tears right. However have you sat down and actually signed paperwork that will give your special “ride” to a person that will take care of your “pride and joy” if something were to happen to you? Might want to think about it.
  4. Did you over pay for your custom truck? It’s okay we have all been there. We sign the paperwork, get the keys, drive that bad boy home only to find out that there’s another truck similar to yours, but cheaper right? It’s okay. Different strokes for different folks right? It is yours now. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy it. You did fine.
  5. Do you have enough insurance for your “one of kind” truck? Studies show that most Americans have the wrong coverage for their custom ride. Check out your insurance and if you need to go the extra mile and pay for a “rider” on your truck. It will be well worth it if anything were to happen to you while you are out cruising the backroads.
  6. If you could own the trucks below in this picture would it ruin a chapter in your life? In other words, if you had these trucks, both trucks, sitting in a garage such as this, would everybody and anybody that you know be hunting you down to be your friend. Would they think you won the lottery? Would it ruin a chapter in your life? Or would you own the story & soak up the moment?
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