Off-Road Custom Truck Tires

If you enjoy off-road adventures, you likely have spent plenty of money on tires to make your journeys safe and enjoyable. The importance of tires to off-road trucks and cars cannot be understated, and with good reason: Driving off-road means the tires must work well with all the equipment necessary for successful highway travel, and the tires must be able to cope with the extra wear and tear caused by all the hazards you’ll encounter along the way. When choosing tires for your truck, or for your car, it’s important to know how to choose the right kind of tires for your needs, and how to get custom tires designed specifically for your trucks.
Tires come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, and all of them have their own set of unique characteristics that are important to a given application. A general classifier for tires is the type of material the tire is made out of: In the past, tires were typically made out of steel, which was fine for standard road use; however, recent advances in tire technology have resulted in more durable and reliable rubber products that offer a number of advantages for off-road use. Cordura rubber is especially sturdy, and it’s nearly impossible to puncture. Cordura rubber also offers excellent abrasion resistance, meaning that it will not scratch or crack after many trips on rough terrain. The high levels of puncture resistance make Cordura an excellent choice for tires on trucks, SUVs, and vans.

Another key element in off-road tires is the rubber polymers that give the product its durability. Because tires are more susceptible to impact when they’re used off-road, a thick layer of rubber helps protect the tire from cracking or breaking, as well as preventing water and mud to enter the tire. Good off-road tires also feature a tread that consists of deep grooves that maximize the tread area and feature a smooth surface that reduces the amount of slip that can occur. This allows the truck or SUV to grip the dirt while going over obstacles, enabling the driver to have more control over the vehicle. Most off-road tires also feature special tread designs that provide extra traction and take the effort out of sliding.