No Money Has Been Shorted On This Titan Truck

Attack on Titan, also known as Titan Mode is a Japanese manga series based and drawn by Hajime Isayama. In this series, the main character is seen as a Titan who has the capabilities of regeneration and an exceptional speed and strength. It’s set in an earth where humanity still lives in cities surrounded by massive walls which prevent them from being attacked by the Titans. The series starts when one of the citizens of the city Mikoto Misaka decides to join a Survey Company in order to help the other survivors of the battle against the Titans. With the help of Survey Corps, the story of the boy named Titans began.


As the series goes on, we find out that Titanfall has fallen into the hands of the Titans. The remaining humans have no choice but to join their new country alongside their friends. To do this, they form the “Titans” who guard the walls surrounding the city-state from the immense might of the Titans. Among these are the very strong, courageous and intelligent young boys who become the leaders of the new country.


This thing is “Bad to the Bone” and should be anyone’s pre-runner dream. Supercharged and screaming, that’s just two words to describe this truck. Check it out here:

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