Diesel Trucks Are HOT!!!

Diesel trucks are by far the most popular type of vehicle in North America, used to haul heavy construction equipment, mining equipment and chemicals, with the longest service life of any truck in operation today. When you have a large fleet of trucks running on a regular basis, diesel trucks tend to need the most maintenance and attention, so it is worth considering a diesel truck for your maintenance needs if you have a large fleet of trucks running. The only diesel truck that does not require regular oil changes is the Cummins diesel truck. However, both vehicles require regular oil changes to maintain proper lubrication and coolant levels and a maintenance schedule must be followed to keep your machines running efficiently.

A medium-duty truck in your fleet has many different advantages over a diesel truck in its ability to run on oil. For one thing, the medium-duty truck’s motor is much larger than a diesel truck, giving it more horsepower and increased gas mileage. Because of the size, however, it also requires more fuel to run, meaning that your overall costs will be higher. Another advantage of the medium-duty engine is that it produces less pollution than a diesel engine because the tailpipe and muffler do not become hot, as they do with a gasoline engine. However, if you run your medium-duty truck in particularly dusty or sandy conditions, you may find that your emissions systems require more maintenance to remain compliant with EPA regulations.

Diesel engines run at higher temperatures than gasoline engines, so diesel trucks are more prone to overheating and black smoke emissions if operated idling, especially in hot summer days. You can avoid costly repairs by choosing a well-maintained diesel engine, and a diesel truck that comes with a coolant and spark plug drain plug can also help prevent overheating. Diesel engines run very quietly, so they are suitable for mobile operations where noise is not an issue. Diesel engines are very efficient, but they are also more likely to suffer a premature failure than most other types of engine, so it is important to regularly service your diesel trucks. Regular maintenance can keep your diesel trucks running in peak condition, so it is one of the most cost effective investments in your truck fleet.