3 Tips to Help You Sell Your Truck

Most people who are trying to sell a vehicle are using a broken model.  Back in the day, we were taught that we need to sell our vehicle for a sufficient number. A certain price.  If we tell the buyer we need to get this amount out of the vehicle, the buyer will agree and buy it.  But here lies the problem. Demand has nothing or very little to do with this number we think our vehicle is worth.

Problem #1 – We don’t know who really is looking for a truck like ours?

We are sold a number of many auto price quotes from trusted resources in our area online, however those quotes lack heart & soul.

It boils down to a few things:

-who is out there looking?

-who wants what I wanted?

-who is a buyer that will love this truck as much as I once did?

Here at socaltrucks we tend to have FANS that are passionate about their trucks and how they treat their special one of a kind rides.

Problem # 2 – The Problem with Assuming YOUR price isn’t too high?

  • You tend to obtain a lot of tire kickers
  • Do you even know what your truck is worth?
  • How much blood, sweat & tears were truly invested in your truck?
  • Can those attributes be considered when it comes down to price?
  • Is the reason no one is contacting you honestly because you think your stuff is worth too much?
  • Will buyers relate to what you truly haver for sale?

Care to have all of these questions answered over time? Let us do the market research. Place ad and we’ll get started today.

Problem #3 – Rate of Return is the Answe

What is the #1 outcome you are looking for on  your investment? Answer: Selling the truck!!!!

We focus on two things.

  1. Ensuring that our clients have the best most efficient stream buyers out there looking for a custom truck.
  2. Return on investment. If you allow us to promote your truck we will work our tails off to make sure it gets noticed and the most possible eyes on the truck as humanly possible. We will also provide you with tips throughout the process.

We go over this and so many other game-changing strategies to revolutionize your listing regardless of where you are in the country.  Join the our movement truck differently  today and let’s see what your truck is worth.