Thank you FANS, for your hard work

Only we would decide to tear down a Dodge Cummins 2500 a few days before Christmas and add custom heads to a perfectly running,  brand new Cummins engine.

We still have buffing to do but I’m so excited about how the project is turning out.


Isn’t this such an update?      I know, I’m basically rambling on.

Thanks to ALL of our FANS for always respecting our vision. We can barely put into words how much you truly mean to ALL of us here at SoCalTrucks. During our 50 hour + work week, helping out with local charities as this is the Holiday season, and being the best dad & husband we could ever be, we bring to you, blood, sweat and tears.

Time to turn this Dodge truck into a Santa sleigh and GIVE a special treat to all of our SoCalTrucks kids fans. After all, we must award them for all of their hard work & dedication in 2019.